New and colorful beginnings

15 april, 2017 Sandra R Andersson 0

  So, we have a saying here in Sweden, that Christmas lasts until Easter. Actually, it’s from a song, and the next line of the song goes ”but that isn’t true”, so I guess we don’t have a saying like that at all … It feels like that, though, like […]

The end is near! (and other good news)

16 december, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

Only a couple of weeks left of 2016 and I can’t imagine what this year would have to do in order to make people go ”yeah, all in all, it’s been a pretty good year” on New Years Eve. I know I’m not alone in thinking that 2016 has been […]

Christmas comes early this year!

3 december, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

This weekend little Lee gets to play with the big boys and girls in Patty Jansen’s massive  author-run promo. She is a little intimidated but that is nothing compared to the terror I’m experiencing … 🙂 If I get enough downloads, I might even get my first review!?! Terrifying, indeed! […]

Just like Arnold, baby.

15 november, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

It’s pouring down outside and that might just be the best part of this day. Of course, I might be wrong, but the last few weeks have been a hailstorm of bad news, the world coming to an end, things going wrong at the worst possible time, and I’m just […]

And the mess continues …

1 november, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

Well, I think I must have tried half a dozen different themes and I honestly haven’t really liked any of them. And none of them have managed to import my images properly, so I’ve had to add those manually. I’ve only done the last few posts, to brighten up the first […]

Sorry about the mess!

30 oktober, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

So, I don’t know what’s been going on with me and computers lately, but I’ve had to throw out two of them and completely restore the one I’m on now to its factory settings, so nothing — absolutely nothing — is working right now, computer-wise. On top of that, I […]


25 oktober, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 2

  Lee has lived all her life inside the dome, built to protect her and the rest of the remaining human population from all the dangers of the Outside. Every day is pretty much like all the others, but the last few days Lee has been feeling unusually restless and […]

A bit of Comic Relief

18 oktober, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

The editing of Outside is taking more time than expected, because even though the beta readers didn’t have any major objections, I keep finding things that I know I can do better. And I have been struggling with my impatient side who wants to publish NOW, but the rest of […]

First excerpt from Outside – Enjoy!

13 oktober, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

Oh, this week seems to have gotten away from me completely, but I am writing, I promise. Just not blogging. To keep you from getting bored, here is an excerpt from Outside, the Middle Grade Science fiction story that I’m working on right now: (Too small? Click on it!)