Progress report: Uh-oh

So, I thought that I would do the grownup thing and start a business for my writing and translating endeavours. And the authorities let me!

Oh, I’m so going to regret this.

Consequentially I will not have time to finish any of my books, because I have to learn all about bookkeeping, taxes and generally not going to jail like Al Capone because I’ve messed up my receipts and deductions.

In the ”What was I thinking”category, this is a big one. Ought to have been the clear-cut winner of the week.

But then I dyed my hair pink, blue and purple.

Yep, only a few short days before I’m going to the Bookfair in Gothenburg, THE event for any book interested person in all of Scandinavia, I decided to regress and turn 12.

Yep, I’m going there to network and try to find a publisher, stuff like that. And first impressions last, as we all know. Did I just shoot myself in the foot? Perhaps.

But honestly, I think my hair looks great.

And how hard can this bookkeeping stuff be, anyway? I mean, people do it all the time.

Perhaps even people with pink streaks in their hair.


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