The Bookfair in Gothenburg

So I went to Gothenburg, for the Bookfair. I saw, I met, I discussed, I learnt, I ate frozen yoghurt. And I came back. End of story.

Not really. But I already blogged about it on my Swedish blog, and now I’m all out of words.  So here’s some pictures.

Seriously cool fantasy authors Laini Taylor and Siri Pettersen being interviewed by amazing Johanna Koljonen.

A place I’d like to live. Or at least visit for an extended time. I think I could get some really good writing done in a small house on the water like that.

Way to many people in a room, even though it is a very large room.

The loot from the bag I got when I bought my entrypass for all four days. Love the color.

Now that I’ve had a few days to catch my breath, I’m itching to go back. The fact that it’s a whole year until next time … it’s breaking my heart a bit.


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