PiBoIdMo – Day 24

One more week to go on PiBoIdMo but I’ve already crossed the finish line. It feels kind of great, even though most of the ideas on that list will never be developed into more than those few words.

It’s the process that is so very precious. The way this has opened my eyes for all the inspiration that surrounds us all, each and every day. How great things can come out of the trivial, the mundane.

It’s good to be reminded of that, now and then.

On top of that it has been a necessary reminder about work vs genius: that nothing is great in and of itself. It is hard work that makes it so.

All my life I’ve never even tried to do something great, because of a conviction that I didn’t have what it takes. I wasn’t gifted. Didn’t have the talent. It took more than four decades before I realised that what I was lacking was dedication and hard work.

So much wasted time. I tend to drown in bitterness when I think about that, but I cling to my books and my writing as flotsam of the shipwreck that is my life and try to keep my eyes fixed on the horizon, on that small island that may or may not be only a mirage. To not think about where I am, but about where I’m going.

I’ve started translating one of my children’s’ books into English, and so far it’s not too  bad. I’ve also reached out to some beta readers to get feedback on the story. Scary, scary, but a necessary step. If I can’t stand to be read, then I won’t be able to click Publish. I put the story om Wattpad (in Swedish) along with some other stuff I found in an old folder. So far no reads, but I get a star for putting my work out there.

Baby steps, but I’m getting there.


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