PiBoIdMo 2015 is over – Long Live Picture Book Ideas!

One month passes by so fast, it’s not even funny anymore. But I’ve got a long list of picture book ideas and I’m thrilled that I found this challenge when I did. It was just what I needed at this point.

Short break from the regular blog post to rant about the technological side of blogging:

I’ve moved the blog to a WordPress-installation on my own domain and so far I’ve regretted it every step of the way. It was supposed to make everything so simple and super customizable and at the same time make this blog like a more professional looking web page. It’s been a nightmare all the way, nothing looks the way I want it to look, nothing goes where I want it to go and I can’t make this blog do anything it doesn’t want to do on its own, like straight margins on both sides (how is that not an option?!?). (Edit: Found it!)

This no longer feels like my blog. 🙁  The trolls came and switched it with one of their own one night and now I’m stuck with this mess …

I’ll keep trying a bit longer, but if this thing doesn’t stop fighting me then I’m going straight back to Blogger. Even if it means saying goodbye to my pretty notebook theme.

Anyway, all complaints aside, back to the writing side of things.
I’ve got a critique group tonight, and I’ve given them three chapters of my Liva book, from somewhere in the middle. It’s going to be so exciting to hear what they have to say about my story, my characters. I don’t know these people, have only met a couple of them once before, so I really have no idea what to expect.
I’ve also sent the complete first draft to an experienced beta reader. I had hoped for more than one but am grateful that someone offered at all. It is a long book (almost 40 000 words) and a lot of work. I’m going to complete the English version of the manuscript before the end of the year and try to find some English speaking beta readers as well. The translation is going to be a revision in itself, so I’m hoping that the story will grow and develop during the process. That the story will be just as good or perhaps even better in English.
I’m going to let the list of picture book ideas simmer for a while, and in a week or two I’ll choose three of them that I’m going to plot out and finish a rough first draft of before the new year. February 1st is the deadline of a big Scandinavian picture book contest (manuscript only in the first round), and I want so send in the best of the three, at least. We’ll see how they turn out. There’s no limit to the number of entries per person, so if more than one of the books turn out well I can submit more than one, but I’m happy if I have one good entry.


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