Me – a worldbuilder? Yes, actually!

I got some more feedback from a betareader, regarding my Liva-book. She had some issues with where and when the story took place, and wanted me to be more specific. But since the story doesn’t take place in a specific time or place that would be difficult.
I might have to be a little less specific, instead, in order to stop the reader trying to pinpoint a location.
It’s all about getting the reader to trust in the world that I’ve created, to believe in the events that I write about, care about the characters and what happens to them. Can I do that? I don’t know.
But I love to try!
I even named my company Wordbuilder, to signify that part of the process where you take words, random words that can be found in any dictionary, and make magic with them. Make something that has never been seen or heard of before in the entire history of mankind out of something that everyone has at their fingertips.
I’ll never create a Harry Potter-universe or a Lord of the Rings-universe and I rarely if ever know where my towel is, but in my eyes my Liva is a real live person walking around in a world that I built with my own two hands, and if I do a really good job other people can get to meet her too, get to know her and care about what happens to her.
(I can’t wait!)


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