A tiny Valentine Writing Contest!

I haven’t been sleeping well. That’s been par for the course the last forever years or so, so nothing new under the sun. But last night, even though I’d rather have been sleeping, I had quite a bit of fun.
Someone posted this contest in the Facebook group for PiBoIdMo yesterday, and it got my brain churning. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Liva and my Konrad, but I do so love to rhyme and be silly sometimes, and since none of my picture book ideas came to life, I’ve been missing that lately.
The biggest challenge in such a tiny writing contest is of course the word count. 214 words is NOTHING AT ALL!
But I immediately got an idea and my brain has been happily rhyming and reasoning all night long.
The deadline is February 12 and all the info is available here.

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