Time to go back to bed

I spent the weekend at Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home Näs in Vimmerby with a bunch of other children’s book authors. There were lectures, an Open Mic night (yes, I foolishly got up on stage, panicked, lost my voice but managed to find it again, carried on and ended my reading with a cliffhanger that had the audience gasping! No, not really, but I think they kinda liked it …), a couple of critique sessions, and hours and hours of discussions of our wip:s and our processes and our struggles. 
This was the third year in a row, and I do hope that the tradition will continue because there is something magical that happens inside of an author when s/he is surrounded by other authors. Suddenly all those ideas that no one wants to hear about, all those stories that you feel that no one will ever want to read, become precious and appreciated and tell us more and sounds like a really good idea and I’ve never read anything like that and I really think that could work. And best of all: I look forward to reading it! Hurry up and write it!
I came back from Näs with my head buzzing with ideas (and a head cold) but I’m almost afraid to start writing now. It all feels so very doable and possible when I’m there, surrounded by other writers and their enthusiasm, but back home at my desk the difficulties mount up and the doubts and the who am I to think that I can do this and I have no idea what I’m doing and it’s never going to work and this head cold is turning my brain into snot and I can’t write another book with a snot brain, I need to go back to bed.
And perhaps I should.
Konrad is spending the week with a proofreader, and I am afraid that when she is done I will have run out of excuses for not publishing that book. I’ve begun to outline books 2 and 3 (I’m planning to write both of them at the same time) and I really need to get started on them. I’ve got other projects waiting to be written and need to pick up the pace.
So many books to write, so little time for writing!
I’ve redone the cover (again!) and think that this version might be better. It’s cleaner and more interesting from a distance or as a thumbnail. 
Or perhaps that is just the snot brain talking.

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