But if this is Tuesday – then this must be my blog?!?

Ok, so the blog/domain-move is complete, or as complete as it is going to get. The WordPress goblins ate some of my photos but this will have to do. The weird spacing is fixed, mostly, and it’s not about the old posts anyway. It is about all the posts that I’ve not yet written.
What on earth are they supposed to be about?
Well, I could blog about the fact that I’ve got my Konrad-book back from the proofreader. And now that the manuscript is finished and proofed, I’m not allowed to start tinkering with it because that will make it un-proofed and that would be a huge waste of money.
So now what? I’m just supposed to publish it?!? But …
Yes, this is a very strange day, with many conflicting emotions. The Inside Out-cast in my brain is going absolutely nuts. ”Of course we have to publish it”, the red angry dude yells. ”This is the moment we’ve been waiting for!” And the happy yellow chick is just beaming. ”We did it. It’s finished! And it is wonderful! The children are going to love it!” The bitchy green chick is doing her nails and pretending to be indifferent while the scared purple dude and the depressed blue chick are hogging the control panel. ”No, I don’t think we ought to. This might not be such a good idea …” goes the scared purple dude. ”The kids are going to hate it,” says the sad blue chick. ”I knew it. This was a mistake. I’m going back to bed.”
So, who will win in the end? Does the angry red dude go on a rampage and publish everything in my dropbox while the Professionalism and Dignity-island crash into the abyss in the background? If the blue chick does go back to bed and the purple cowardly dude hides in the cupboard, will the bitchy green chick saunter over to the dashboard and accidentally put her makeup bag right on the Publish-button?
Find out in the next episode of ”Sandra steals other people’s characters to make a rather obvious point.”

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