Ok, so what you’re saying is that I’m an author now?!

It has been one week since I launched my first children’s book, and I’m beginning to get used to the idea of being a children’s book author ”for real!”. What I’ve come to realize is that a professional author is someone who never has time to do any writing, because of all the other things that they need to do. For one thing, I have to learn all about print-on-demand, in order to get Konrad into as many different formats as possible. I’ve also tried to make a booktrailer, but first I have to learn the video editing software and it is taking some effort and a lot of time. I’m not sure that it will ever sell any books, but boy is it fun. 
The weekend was busy with a launch promo, another major time-suck, but now it is time to lean back, let go and let Konrad to the talking. Lots of copies of the book have trickled out into the world, onto people’s kindles or phones, and part of me wants to hide under the bed until the review storm passes. 
What if everyone hates it?
I guess that worrying about bad reviews is a big part of being an author. But then I remember that everyone who has read it so far, quite a few people, have liked it, and wouldn’t it be weird if they were the only people in the world that did?
And also, the fact that there are people all over the world who might right now be reading a book I wrote? I mean, how cool is that? You must admit that it is pretty darn cool!
Also pretty darn cool!

To stop myself from obsessing over the download stats, I’ve started writing the sequel. I got about 1100 words in last night and so far so good. There’s a new painting in this book that is very special and I think I’ll have to read up on french impressionists to make it justice. 
I’ve also been thinking about my Herbmaster Saga, that is in a weird state of simultaneous translation and rewriting. I so want to work on this, but Konrad made it out the gate first, and I feel like I need to focus on him now, all the way. Poor Liva, and Lee of the X/Y series as well. They will just have to wait their turn.


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