Oh, no, school is out and the sun is shining, what on earth are we going to do all day?

I’m juggling several different book projects at the moment, as I wrote last week, and it might be a bad thing to not be able to focus, but as long as I’m making progress on something I’m happy. I’ve written and edited a lot over the last week, and I’m hoping to soon have another book on my virtual bookshelf. 
I’ve also spent some of my valuable time on Zazzle, making loot to go with my Artworld series. It’s not a big range of products yet, but I had the best time trying to come up with motives and taglines.
Scream - Someone has tried to FRAME me - T-shirt
Scream – Someone has tried to FRAME me – T-shirt av AuthorSwagz
Shop for tees at zazzle.com

This one came out rather nice, I think. 😉

Today is a no-school-day, so I’m taking a break from authoring and spending the whole day mothering instead. The weather is awesome, so I think we’ll spend the day in the terrifying Outside, perhaps even eating some ice cream that Lee from the X/Y series has never tried, not even in pill form! Wait until she gets to try that one!


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