Print editions ordered!

Not getting enough sleep at night is a sure-fire way to guarantee that everything you do is riddled with mistakes. So perhaps it was not a good thing that I chose this day to finish off my print books and upload them to the POD company. But I did it anyway.
I’m making both a paperback and a hardback edition, because why not. Since I live in the wrong part of the world, I have to wait a week or two before I can get my proofs and make sure that everything lines up and looks good. Before that, I’m not letting them loose in the world. 
But if there are no severe technical bloopers, the books should be out in time for the big Children’s book cross promotion I’m taking part in on June 18-19. Fingers crossed that the mailman hurries and that I didn’t mess up my pdf:s. (Not too bad, anyway.)
I’ve been talking through the story of the X/Y series with my husband and came to some conclusions that made me go back and rewrite a couple of scenes. Then I realized that they might be too similar to a scene in the first book of my Herbmaster Saga. That is a bit of a conundrum. Can I have two similar scenes in two different books, different series, different genres? Will the readers notice? Will it bother them?
And what is it about this scene that makes it pop up in two very different projects? Perhaps I ought to sleep on it.
Or perhaps I just ought to get some sleep!

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