Let’s pretend last week never happened

Yes, I know, last week did happen and I’m pretty sure there even was a Tuesday included in last week’s line-up, but I didn’t manage to find time to blog that day and what’s the point of a Tuesday if I don’t blog?

I mean, if all I do is work and maybe do a load of laundry, there’s not much to blog about, but still. That is kind of the point of compulsory weekly blogging. That I must (MUST!) do something, big or small, every week that has to do with each of my two authorships. And the only way I can make sure that something (big or small) gets done is by blogging about it. Tuesday is my day of accountability as a children’s book author (and Friday is my romance novelist blogging day).

I know that the world doesn’t come to an end if I don’t blog, I know that. But a skipped weekly post is a slippery slope that can so easily turn into weeks and months of not doing anything that relates to my writing (i.e. things that make me happy), because the work and family related ToDos always take precedent.
I’ve found some time this weekend to work on my new idea for Konrad and his sunglasses, and it still seems to be a viable plan, another couple of thousand words in. There’s a decision that needs to be made with this new story and I haven’t really been able to formulate it in my head, but I think it has to do with the tone of the rest of the books in the Artworld series. Do I want to keep the same, rather serious tone from the first book or to I want to pander to a lower common denominator and be sillier and maybe throw in some fart jokes? I mean, if the book had been called Konrad and the Fart Painting, it would probably have sold a gazillion copies, right? Kids love that stuff at this age. Parents, not so much.
I guess I won’t try and mimic the bestsellers in my genre and instead try to just do my own thing, the very best I can. Maybe I could have bought a gold limousine with my royalties if I went with the fart jokes, but I’m sure it would have been a hassle to park and … No sour grapes, not at all. But if I’m going to be an author, I’m going to write books that I would like to read myself. And I’m not that into fart jokes. 
That doesn’t mean that I won’t try and write Konrad and the Fart Painting. Of course I will! But I will do it in the best possible taste!

Speaking of authors who write books that sell a gazillion copies, I spent last Sunday at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg, at the Sven Nordqvist exhibit. If you’re in the neighborhood, you should really check it out, with or without kids. 
There are tons of original illustrations, sketches, and paintings by the phenomenal Swedish author and illustrator and big play areas with ”scenes” from his many wonderful books to play in. Just marvellous. 
My personal favourite was Pettson’s house and I especially fell in love with his kitchen window with what we in Sweden call a ”liar’s bench” outside and slightly oversized sunflowers. I don’t care about gold limousines, but one day, if I write enough books, I’m going to get myself a kitchen window just like this. The chickens are optional.

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