I’m going to save you, Konrad!

So … I haven’t spent any time marketing the first book in the Artworld series, and the results of that are clearly displayed in the image above, Konrad is on his way head-first over the Amazon cliff, out into obscurity. It just seemed better to put that time and effort into writing book 2 and 3 of the series, as fast as humanly possible in the few moments when I’m not working or spending time with the old family. (I.e, not very fast at all.) But of course, I do feel terrible now when I realize that I’ve completely abandoned my poor little book to fend for itself out there in the big and scary world.
But, fear not, Konrad, dear, I’m coming to the rescue! I got the opportunity to participate in a huge (HUGE!) cross promotion with some other Science Fiction and Fantasy authors this coming weekend and jumped on that before I had a chance to chicken out. It’s going to be massive, there are some really big names in this lineup so I intend to stuff my Kindle to the brim with reading materials. 
If Konrad should end up on someone else’s Kindle (or Nook or iPad or whatever type of reader you can think of, since the promotion is on all platforms), that would be nice too, of course. The ebook is 0.99 for a couple of weeks, and for those who prefer their reading materials old-school the book is also available in a slim and affordable paperback edition and a stunning little hardback volume that I’m partial to, myself.
Watch this space for more info on the big (HUGE!) promo sometime on Friday!

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