The last days of summer

After a colder than normal August, September has come with lots of sun and warm weather. The forecast is for all week to be like this, so I’d better remember to stock up on ice cream! Next weekend, we’re having a birthday party for ca 25 kids and I wouldn’t mind some nice outdoor weather. Fingers crossed that this lasts until then!

I’m still working on the Swedish edition of Konrad and the Birthday Painting, which will be called Konrad och födelsedagstavlan. I’ve sorted out the cover and most of the formatting, both for the ebook and the hardback (the paperback will have to wait a bit) but have some final editing and proofing that needs to be done on paper, because I’m old and can’t change my ways.

The most important part of the editing process is reading it out loud to my 8-year-old to see how he reacts. Apart from the fact that instant feedback is priceless, it is also a great way to discover clunky sentences, repetitions, and weird word choices. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve read that text,  on screen and on paper, but when I read it out loud I always discover new things that need to be fixed or at least can be improved.

I’m eager to move on to Book 2, Konrad and the Christmas Painting, and book 3 that is starting to take shape in the background. It feels like I’ve been editing for months (perhaps because I have) and it is time to start chasing word count records. I’m just having a bit of a struggle getting started. It’s tricky to write sequels and I need to find the best way to remind readers what happened in book 1 without spoiling it for those who might read the books out of order. 
When I’m too tired to write or even think about writing, I tinker with the cover of Outside. It’s tricky because I know what I want it to look like but I haven’t got the skills to do it. Yet. I’ll keep tinkering. Perhaps I’ll accidentally hit the right icon in Photoshop? The story itself needs a bit of work still, and then some betareaders.

Next week I’m going to take part in Tiffany Turner’s Back To School Blog Tour. I’m going to be interviewed, on Monday I think, I’ll do some extra blogging and linking to the other participating authors’ blogs during the week and I’ll be doing another Giveaway, this time via BookFunnel. This one will be a little different. Anyone who signs up for my mailing list gets a free copy of the ebook edition of Konrad and the Birthday Painting. If you are already signed up, you’ll get a link to download your free book in my newsletter next week.

There’s still 3 days to go on the Giveaway over on Goodreads, so if you haven’t already got a hardback copy of Konrad and the Birthday Painting you should sign up. I’m not sure if it works to put the widget in the middle of a post like this, but it looks like it might.

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Konrad and the Birthday Painting by Sandra R. Andersson

Konrad and the Birthday Painting

by Sandra R. Andersson

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