Back-To-School Blog Tour – Day 4

Today is the scary part of the Blog Tour, the day that I get interviewed over on Tiffany Turner’s blog. This is my very first interview and it is more than a little scary! I think I’ll go hide under the bed while you read that.
Or perhaps I can distract you from reading by showing you the (very preliminary) first-draft versions of the covers for book 2 and 3 of the Artworld series? Yes? Well, here they are:
Book 2 will definitely be called Konrad and the Christmas Painting and it takes place a week after the events in book 1. Konrad is determined to get his mom back into the Christmas spirit and offers to help Torvald move some paintings in order to make some money to get Mom the perfect gift. At the Gundersens’ he runs into Philip, who Ms. Gundersen has taken under her wing after the incident with the cashbox. He is also working there, to make money for a new bike.


Book 3 is not yet titled but goes under the working title Konrad and the Smiling Painting. Konrad and his family go to Paris for the weekend and his Mom is determined that they don’t spend all that time at EuroDisney with Mickey and his friends. Her children must be exposed to some culture! But taking Konrad and his sister to the Louvre might end up being more educational than Mom had anticipated.
I know, I know, the colors hurt your eyes, I should have warned you to put some sunglasses on. But seriously, you should always wear sunglasses! You never know what might happen …

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