Prognosis: lots of books and sore feet from walking all day!

Time to start packing! I leave at dawn the day after tomorrow and tomorrow I’ll be busy with a family birthday celebration so I guess I need to start looking for my suitcase … In a minute. The weather in Gothenburg during the four-day book bonanza that is the Gothenburg Bookfair looks like it’s going to be varied but not quite as nice as it has been the last few weeks. Since I’ll be indoors all the time, I guess it could be raining grasshoppers. I wouldn’t notice.
Also, there is another prognosis that says that there will be books, lots of books, during all four days. And interesting seminars and authors that I’ve never heard of and others that I’ve read everything by. And friends that I haven’t met in ages and am really looking forward to catching up with. I’ve totally dropped the ball on photography this last year, but I’ll try and remember to take lots of pictures and post them here for you. There’s usually many great displays for children and some fun activities too. I’ve got a long list of books that I want to buy for my 8-year old (9 tomorrow!) and maybe even get them signed for him.
I probably won’t get much writing done during my stay in Gothenburg, but I hope to spend some time with colleagues and telling them about my books always clears things up for me in a way that I could never manage by myself. What the story is really about etc. Also, it is great to see how they react to what I tell them. What details they get excited about and if it reminds them of something, for instance. I try to keep my eye on the book market for children’s books, but it is impossible to keep track of everything that is out there. And if there is a book, similar to mine, then I want to know about it, so that I don’t accidentally plagiarize something.
I’ve made some progress on both of the Artworld books that I’m working on now, Konrad and the Christmas Painting and Konrad and the Smiling Painting, but am constantly drawn to the other project, Outside, that popped into my head one night when I was half asleep. I might have to spend some time on that book, even though I’m anxious to get the next Artworld book out as soon as possible. I think that I know what it is about, but the story has changed so much since it first appeared, that I might have to re-evaluate. Also, I’m feeling insecure about how much science is required for science fiction. This story is mostly just about people and not so much techie stuff. But I feel compelled to write it, so I guess I’ll have to. If only so that I can get some peace and quiet to finish the Artworld books!

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