Not dead yet, but staying indoors, unlike Lee who might be going Outside soon …

One might be forgiven for thinking that I went to the Gothenburg Book Fair and then didn’t come home, judging by my blogging and social media presence last week. I did, actually, make it home, with a suitcase filled with books, but also with a cold and massive exhaustion. Not exactly what I needed with my huge ToDo-list, but there wasn’t much I could do about it.
Last week disappeared in a fog of catching up and sleeping a lot and crying quite a bit. This week I’m slowly getting back on my feet, but my schedule is completely messed up and in an attempt to not wear myself out while getting back on track, I’m canceling things and postponing things left and right. Like blog posts, for instance.
Despite being more or less floored, I’ve actually been writing quite a bit and I am getting occasional glimpses of light at the end of the dark tunnel that is Artworld: Book 2, Konrad and the Christmas painting. I’ve met Iris, who will play an important part and this morning I and Konrad returned to Skagen where we went in Book 1: Konrad and the Birthday Painting. It felt pretty good, to say the least. I wasn’t sure that I could do it, write another book that continued the events from book 1 in a way that would feel logical and interesting. But this might work. Watch this space for an excerpt from Book 2 when I’m feeling better!
Since I can’t work 24/7 on anything, no matter how much I need to get it done, I’ve also sent Outside to a few beta readers to get some feedback and tried to whip the cover into shape while I’m waiting for their feedback. This is what I’ve got so far. Not at all what I was going for, but it might work. Perhaps. Maybe. Probably not, but it will have to do.
Depending on the feedback from the beta readers, the story might be released later this month. Or never, if they absolutely hate it. I hope they don’t, though. I’m quite fond of it and think of it as a kind of pilot episode, introducing this world that will be the setting for many different stories. The events in this story triggers a chain of events that I want to follow until the end. Or whatever comes after that.

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