A bit of Comic Relief

The editing of Outside is taking more time than expected, because even though the beta readers didn’t have any major objections, I keep finding things that I know I can do better. And I have been struggling with my impatient side who wants to publish NOW, but the rest of me want to write the very best book that I can and so far that part has the upper hand.
This is a video clip that I saved a while ago, when I had read something really funny and wanted to write something that made people laugh. I have since realized that I have no sense of humor and have to leave the comedy to the funny people. I try to include one funny thing in each manuscript, though, and my biggest triumph was when one of the beta readers had highlighted it and written ”I love it!” in the margin.
If you’re only funny once a year, it is really rewarding when someone gets it! I’m already looking forward to next year … 😉

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