Lee has lived all her life inside the dome, built to protect her and the rest of the remaining human population from all the dangers of the Outside. Every day is pretty much like all the others, but the last few days Lee has been feeling unusually restless and irritated. When a tree falls and breaks the hard shell of the dome, Lee decides to sneak a peek at whatever might be out there. She ends up having to spend an entire day in the forest surrounding the dome, all alone for the first time in her life. Or, is she?

Outside is a short ”soft” science fiction story for children ages 9 and up.


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  1. Please forgive me for bothering you as I am sure you are busy. I have received, via Amazon.com, the book Outside. I catalog my collection using a program called Book Collector made by Collctorz.com. Some of the things it allows mew to do is enter publisher information and credit the cover artist/designer. I see, on Amazon, that the publisher is listed as Woirdbuilder. Is this just a name you self-publish under? Does Wordbuilder have a website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed? Also, who did the cover for Outside?

    Thank you for your time,
    Harry Crawford

    ** Förlåt eventuella översättningsfel som jag hade också använda Google Translate (https://translate.google.com/)**
    Förlåt mig för stör du som jag är säker på att du är upptagen. Jag har fått via Amazon.com, boken utanför. Jag katalogisera min samling med hjälp av ett program som heter Book Collector gjord av Collctorz.com. Några av de saker det låter mew göra är att ange utgivare information och kreditera täck artist / designer. Jag ser på Amazon, att utgivaren är listad som Woirdbuilder. Är detta bara ett namn som du själv publicera under? Har Wordbuilder har en hemsida, Facebook-sida, eller Twitter foder? Dessutom, som gjorde omslaget för Outside?

    Tack för din tid,
    Harry Crawford

    • No bother at all! Oh, what a good idea to keep track of all your books like that.
      Wordbuilder is the name of my company and the imprint I publish under; it does not have its own website or social media presence. I did the cover myself.
      Enjoy the book!

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