Publication day a k a Oh, no, did I actually push that button-day

Ok, I did it. I pulled the trigger. A bit prematurely, perhaps, but I just couldn’t stand to keep working on that story for one more day. It needs to be read now. I had severe problems with the description, trying not to spoil anything would lead to pretty much: Lee lives in a dome. One day she goes Outside. Not exactly Must-Read, is it?
I can no longer see this story for what it is, only for what I wanted it to be and all the things I think the rest of the series can be. It feels very much like a pilot, like an introduction, and perhaps it can’t stand on its own? Well, I guess I’ll find out soon enough. There’s always the Unpublish button, if things get completely out of hand. Poor little Lee. I hope the readers won’t be too cruel with her. Or me. Neither of us can take it.

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