And the mess continues …

Well, I think I must have tried half a dozen different themes and I honestly haven’t really liked any of them. And none of them have managed to import my images properly, so I’ve had to add those manually. I’ve only done the last few posts, to brighten up the first page, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get the time to do all of them. This is my precious (oh, so precious …) writing time that I’m spending on stupid computer malfunctions that drive me straight up the nearest wall. Why can’t these things just work??!? I may have to just leave it like this and get back to writing. Sigh. This isn’t very pretty and I can’t change the fonts or anything, but I’ve got a fun little slider thingy where I’ve put my books and they go round and round and round and … I’ve really got to write some more books so that it looks a bit more fun than it does now!

My mood has been seriously dampened by all the computer struggles over the last couple of weeks and perhaps most of all by the fact that I haven’t had any time to write. I always turn into such a grump when I’m not writing. I’m hoping to get back to somewhat normal routines by the end of this week, and even if I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year, I intend to write at least 50 000 words during the month of November. That is so naïve of me, but it is easy to be cocky when I haven’t gotten this month’s translation assignments yet. Perhaps I won’t have time to write at all? I can’t imagine what my mood will be like on December 1 in that case …



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