Christmas comes early this year!


This weekend little Lee gets to play with the big boys and girls in Patty Jansen’s massive  author-run promo. She is a little intimidated but that is nothing compared to the terror I’m experiencing … 🙂 If I get enough downloads, I might even get my first review!?! Terrifying, indeed!

All in all, there are more than a 100 science fiction and fantasy titles on many different retailers in this promo and the best of all? They’re all free, all weekend! You can stuff your Kindle, Kobo or iWhatever you use to read your e-books to the brim with new and exciting books that will probably last you until next Christmas!

But Sandra, when will I have time to read all of these books, you might say. Christmas is coming up and I’m going to be super busy. A-ha, I reply, but then you should really sign up for Patty’s Ebookaroo giveaway. Apart from the fact that you’ll never miss out on another smashing promo like this again, you can also win $100! to spend on bribes for the kids so that they do the washing up and you can catch up on your reading. Problem solved! 🙂 Merry super-early Christmas!


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