New and colorful beginnings


So, we have a saying here in Sweden, that Christmas lasts until Easter. Actually, it’s from a song, and the next line of the song goes ”but that isn’t true”, so I guess we don’t have a saying like that at all … It feels like that, though, like I just vacuumed the last of the Christmas tree needles, and all of a sudden things are budding and blooming outside and the overalls are shed and the kids are running around in short sleeves and catching colds. Time sure flies, and this year it seems to be using rocket fuel.

I was hoping to have a new release announcement for you, the next time I blogged, but I’m trapped in a dungeon with several evil and unfinished books and their ill-mannered characters that refuse to do as they’re told, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to write my way out of here.

As a small (tiny, minuscule, I know, but I’m told that it is the thought that counts) peace offering, I’ve found a talented artist who made some coloring pages that you can have some fun with over the long Easter weekend. (Not me, I’ll be busy writing, I promise!)

I’ve put all the pages in a Dropbox folder and it’s supposed to let you download them if you click here.  Let me know if that doesn’t work, and I’ll email them to you or something. There are four different works of art for you to color in after your own liking. If you want to use markers, you should use thicker paper, but crayons and colored pencils work just fine on ordinary printer paper. Let me know if you enjoy this type of thing and perhaps I can have her make some more pages. Any particular painting that you’d like to make your own version of?

I hope you have a great Easter, in whatever way you celebrate the holiday, and I hope to be in touch soon with some teasers on my next book!


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