Konrad and the Birthday Painting in Audio!

2 december, 2017 Sandra R Andersson 0

Breaking news! Konrad and the Birthday Painting is now available as an audiobook, narrated by the incredibly talented Amy Vance who really brought my story and all the characters to life in a whole new way! You have got to hear this!   The audiobook is available on Audible and on […]

New and colorful beginnings

15 april, 2017 Sandra R Andersson 0

  So, we have a saying here in Sweden, that Christmas lasts until Easter. Actually, it’s from a song, and the next line of the song goes ”but that isn’t true”, so I guess we don’t have a saying like that at all … It feels like that, though, like […]

The end is near! (and other good news)

16 december, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

Only a couple of weeks left of 2016 and I can’t imagine what this year would have to do in order to make people go ”yeah, all in all, it’s been a pretty good year” on New Years Eve. I know I’m not alone in thinking that 2016 has been […]

Back-To-School Blog Tour – Day 4

15 september, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

Today is the scary part of the Blog Tour, the day that I get interviewed over on Tiffany Turner’s blog. This is my very first interview and it is more than a little scary! I think I’ll go hide under the bed while you read that. Or perhaps I can […]

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The last days of summer

6 september, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

After a colder than normal August, September has come with lots of sun and warm weather. The forecast is for all week to be like this, so I’d better remember to stock up on ice cream! Next weekend, we’re having a birthday party for ca 25 kids and I wouldn’t […]

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I’m going to save you, Konrad!

30 augusti, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

So … I haven’t spent any time marketing the first book in the Artworld series, and the results of that are clearly displayed in the image above, Konrad is on his way head-first over the Amazon cliff, out into obscurity. It just seemed better to put that time and effort […]

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Time to start setting the alarm again!

9 augusti, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

Ok, the sun is over the yardarm, wherever that is, time waits for no man and a rolling stone gathers no moss. No, I don’t know what I mean, either, but the message I’m trying to get across is that the vacation is over. This week I’m back at my […]