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A second attempt at a summer vacation

19 juli, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

This is the second week of my summer vacation and this week I’ve decided to not work in an attempt to slow things a bit. So far, it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference. There is so much that I’ve put off because I’ve been busy with […]

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Time to go back to bed

26 april, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

I spent the weekend at Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home Näs in Vimmerby with a bunch of other children’s book authors. There were lectures, an Open Mic night (yes, I foolishly got up on stage, panicked, lost my voice but managed to find it again, carried on and ended my reading […]

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My Grumpy Valentine

9 februari, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 12

I promised I’d try and write something for the Valentiny Writing Contest, but boy was that a lot harder than I thought. Considering Grammarly’s most frequent complaint about my texts is ”wordiness”, attempting to write something in 214 words is perhaps a little naive. That’s like one and a half sentence […]

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Me – a worldbuilder? Yes, actually!

13 januari, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

I got some more feedback from a betareader, regarding my Liva-book. She had some issues with where and when the story took place, and wanted me to be more specific. But since the story doesn’t take place in a specific time or place that would be difficult. I might have […]

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PiBoIdMo – Day 2

3 november, 2015 Sandra R Andersson 0

So, I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year, since I’ve already come about four fifths through my current grown-up project and have a children’s book waiting for an edit when I’m done. But I felt a bit (=a lot) left out when everyone else started announcing their participation, so I was […]