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Time to go back to bed

26 april, 2016 Sandra R Andersson 0

I spent the weekend at Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home Näs in Vimmerby with a bunch of other children’s book authors. There were lectures, an Open Mic night (yes, I foolishly got up on stage, panicked, lost my voice but managed to find it again, carried on and ended my reading […]

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A book is a book is not necessarily a book anymore

8 december, 2015 Sandra R Andersson 0

I’ve been watching youtube videos and reading articles and blog posts all week about children’s e-books and book apps. Alli has some great resources, and there have been many interesting blog posts during PiBoIdMo as well. I’d love to be able to implement the new technologies in my stories, but […]

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What? It’s been a week, already?!?

13 september, 2015 Sandra R Andersson 0

Silly of me to think that I could keep up with two blogs, but I’m at least going to give it a try. This week has been hectic, but I managed to finish a difficult translation in time, despite DropBox trying to give me a stroke by suddenly conjuring up […]