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PiBoIdMo – Day 24

24 november, 2015 Sandra R Andersson 0

One more week to go on PiBoIdMo but I’ve already crossed the finish line. It feels kind of great, even though most of the ideas on that list will never be developed into more than those few words. It’s the process that is so very precious. The way this has opened […]

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PiBoIdMo – Day 17

17 november, 2015 Sandra R Andersson 0

More than half way through the month of November, and I’m still finding inspiration in the strangest places and taking the time to immediately write the ideas down, as soon as they pop up. I think that is the key, to not wait a single moment longer than necessary, because […]

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No progress, but I’m getting there

10 november, 2015 Sandra R Andersson 0

I’m spreading myself a bit thin these days, with work and family obligations and then three different book projects all going at once on top of that. At the same time, it’s getting darker and colder outside, and I feel like a sleep-deprived zombie most of the time, dragging myself […]

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PiBoIdMo – Day 2

3 november, 2015 Sandra R Andersson 0

So, I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year, since I’ve already come about four fifths through my current grown-up project and have a children’s book waiting for an edit when I’m done. But I felt a bit (=a lot) left out when everyone else started announcing their participation, so I was […]

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The Bookfair in Gothenburg

2 oktober, 2015 Sandra R Andersson 0

So I went to Gothenburg, for the Bookfair. I saw, I met, I discussed, I learnt, I ate frozen yoghurt. And I came back. End of story. Not really. But I already blogged about it on my Swedish blog, and now I’m all out of words.  So here’s some pictures. […]

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Progress report: Uh-oh

20 september, 2015 Sandra R Andersson 0

So, I thought that I would do the grownup thing and start a business for my writing and translating endeavours. And the authorities let me! Oh, I’m so going to regret this. Consequentially I will not have time to finish any of my books, because I have to learn all […]

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What? It’s been a week, already?!?

13 september, 2015 Sandra R Andersson 0

Silly of me to think that I could keep up with two blogs, but I’m at least going to give it a try. This week has been hectic, but I managed to finish a difficult translation in time, despite DropBox trying to give me a stroke by suddenly conjuring up […]

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Well, hello World!

7 september, 2015 Sandra R Andersson 0

I’ve been blogging for quite some time now, but in a conveniently odd language that almost no one in the world understands. I tried to go bi-lingual on my old blog, but it didn’t work. I feel a need to blog in English, now that I’ve begun writing books in […]